Senior’s Mobility Fund

The $10million Senior’s Mobility Fund (SMF) was established and announced by former Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan during COS 2011. This scheme aims to assist elderly in getting mobility devices to help them move around at home and in the community, and to help them perform daily activities.


Who can apply?

Needy Singaporeans who are 60 years of age and above can apply for SMF’s assistance. All applicants are screened in a financial assessment, as well as a clinical needs assessment, which determines the type of mobility aids suitable for them before they are able to receive these aids.

Applicants with sustained disability and require long-term use of these mobility aids for periods of more than 3 months and with no other sources of concurrent funding for similar mobility devices may also apply for the Fund. Applicants must not have any prior claim under SMF for a similar device.


Means testing

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) will assess applicants based on their Annual Assessable Personal income and Annual Value of their home.


How to apply for the fund

Applicants who are currently going through therapy with qualified therapists from hospitals or voluntary welfare organizations can ask for an assessment. If the applicant qualifies for the mobility device, his/her therapist can submit an application to AIC. The institutions and therapists will order the approved device if the application has been approved by AIC based on the means test and therapist assessment.
Applicants may also choose to contact AIC directly. Ongoing screening and outreach sessions are also conducted at various venues in order to reach out to more needy clients.


Funding amount

Eligible applicants will receive a 90% subsidy for the cost of the mobility aid that they require.


Device type

Wheelchairs: capped at 90% of actual cost or $180, whichever is lower.

Walking frames, quad-stick: capped at 90% of actual cost of $135, whichever is lower.


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Factsheet. Senior’s mobility fund (SMF).